Commercial Services

Alternative Lending

If your financial situation is a little more complex than most – no credit history, bankrupt or recently discharged – you may still be able to achieve your financing goals.

Where traditional financial institutions have given the answer “No”, non-traditional or private lenders may be able to offer you solutions. These lenders may charge higher rates and fees, but the end result is that you receive the financing you need at the moment. If necessary, we will advise on the necessary steps to get you into a financing solution with better rates and terms.

Renovation Construction

Buying a run down property and turn it around requires flexible financial options and access to funds in a timely manner. Most renovations and construction projects run over budget and take longer to complete. We can help you source out the right finance option that allows you finish your project without compromise and added burden on your financial commitments.

Construction Finance

Goldmount Capital provides customers with construction finance solutions that eliminate the stress on project owners and maximize the value they are getting from their construction loan. We help by managing the construction financing process through out all the different stages. We work closely with lenders and their approved team to complete appraisals, surveys, inspections, architecture designs, environmental assessments or any other requirement to complete the loan approval process.

  • No pre-lease requirements
  • Financing up to 90%
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Interest can be capitalized

Goldmount Capital has a long history of providing construction finance for construction projects of all sizes. Whether you are taking on a small or large project, we have the technical know-how and strategic foresight to help you finance your project and achieve your plans.

Investment Property

When buying an investment property, choosing the right financial solution could mean the difference between loss and profit. Goldmount Capital has access to a pool of lenders that understand this type of lending. We will provide you with the right financing that maximizes your investment. We help you through out the approval process and make sure that you have a sound business plan that can attract the right lenders.

  • Leases may not be required
  • Up to 85% financing
  • 5/10/15/20 year terms
  • 30 year amortizations

Goldmount Capital has processed many loans and financing transactions through private investors and large financial institutions over the years. Whether you are investing in a small or large property, we have the know-how to help you finance your new purchase smoothly and avoid the potential pitfalls of financing investment properties.

Large Centers and Buildings

Funding for large centers and commercial buildings require different type of lending solution. Goldmount Capital understands the financial requirements for such business operation. We offer this type of funding for a wide array of commercial buildings that include but not limited to:

  • Retail Stores and Plazas
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Lodging and Hospitality
  • Office Complexes
  • Warehouses and Industrial Buildings
  • Restaurants and Lounges
  • Owners Occupied Buildings
  • High Rises and Land Development